rachel2Rachel Birch-Lawson

Since graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, Rachel has worked as a freelance performer, choreographer, and teacher. She co-directs Project Mashed Potato, creating work for performance and running inclusive improvisation jams, dances for double-award winnng green bean dance, and has worked for companies including Royal Opera Company, Opera a la Carte, Youth Music Theatre and Usanu Theatre. She is committed to creating work that engages and stimulates an audience, and forges links between different artistic disciplines.

alex-achour1Alexandre Achour

Alexander is a dancer and improviser with extensive experience in choreography. His very first approach to dance was through improvisation and partner work. He then started to study dance at the National and Regional Conservatory of Lyon. He has recently completed the BA Dance Programme at the London Contemporary Dance School (First Class Honours), where he also received the Robert Cohan Award. He is highly interested in movement fulfilled with meaning and intention in a theatrical context.

saffy3Saffy Setohy                

Saffy trained at Laban, graduating in 2007 with a First Class BA. Since then she has been working as a freelance performer and choreographer for stage, installation, film and site-specific contexts. Some of her main interests lie in our relationship to our environment, the audience/performer relationship, and collaborative processes. She has been collaborating for the last two years with media artists and composers Ben Sassen and Reynir Hutber under the name Unearthed Performance. Saffy also works as a dance manager and assistant to other artists.



filipp1Philipp van der Heijden 

Philipp studied Soziology at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Politik, Dance Theater and Dance Education at the Erika Klütz Schule in Hamburg. Afterwards he did diverse Workshops in New York ( Ezra Caldwell, Todd Stone ). He has worked since 2004 as dancer, choreographer and performer for different projects (more!more!more! - Tanz in Containern, Die Kandidaten, Rhythm Instrument, Herakles2oderDieHydra, station:bach) and performed in different Theaters. He founded with Sönke C. Herm 2006 the jungsDanceCompany and made his professional debut as dancer with the performance Sohnemänner which was shown lastly 2008 at the 11th International Dancefestival in Kassel.

johanne1Johanne Timm

Johanne was born 1984 in Kühlungsborn, Germany and started dancing in 1996 at the Hamburg Ballett School where she also graduated. She danced at Mainfranken-Theater Würzburg in choreographies of Youri Vamos, Anna Vita and Fernanda Guimarares and at the Städtische Bühnen Chemnitz in the Choreographies of Thorsten Händler. Since 2006 she lives as a freelance dancer in Berlin and worked with different choreographers like Silvana Schröder, Jean-Marc Lebon, Ingo Reulecke, Philip Bergman, Anna Melnikova etc. As a choreographer she performed her solo work Lied auf allen Straßen, Die alte Klöpplerin (in the Chemnitz Opera) and Kosmos im Pool.


daysi2Daisy Thompson
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Daisy graduated in 2008 with a first class degree from Laban, London. She moved to Brussels immediately after her training to engage with a broader dance and performance culture. Daisy’s interests are centered around the experience of the viewer within live performance installations. She also wants to have stronger connections between countries, which may lead to collaborations and therefore a stronger front and more opportunities for dance and any other art form.

dieter2Dieter Defurne  

Dieter, choreographer, teacher and performer, started his education at the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp, Belgium. After finishing it he continued his education as a dancer in Rotterdam at Codarts, The Netherlands, and completed his formation as a dancemaker at the Artez Dansacademie in Arnhem. Now he is working in the artistic board, organising projects, and is choreographer for the Compagny Sogni in Gent, Belgium. Furthermore he also teaches for the Instituut voor Muziek en Dans in Gent.

verena1Verena Kutschera

Verena’s interest in moving and being moved started at an early age, what she took forward by studying dance at the Dore Jakobs College and Laban Contemporary Dance Center. She has been honoured with the Simone Michelle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography. Following her instinct and to enrich her career she practiced Axis Syllabus technique with Frey Faust. She is currently working with the Company SomoSQuien, under the direction of Jorge M. Crecis. At the same time, she pursues the aim of being a choreographer allowing her curiosity to push her boundaries, going to the limits and find the unexpected. Opening up herself to other art forms, she had the chance to collaborate with visual artist Lucas T. C. Oettli for a creation that toured in Stockholm, Sweden.


rita1Rita Omar

Rita lives in  Portugal, in the beautiful city of Lisbon. She is 23 years old and her country of birth is Mozambique, so she is an african portuguese girl. She has graduated in 2007 at the Superior Dance School in Lisbon (ESD), she was an international exchange student with the Erasmus program during 3 months in Lier, at the Institut voor Dance. She did some theater, dance and advertisement works. At the moment she is working in a percussion company and teaching floor-work.

joana1Joana Manaças


Born in Lisbon in 1984, Joana began her theatre studies in 1997 in Chapitô, highlights as actress was the work with São José Lapa: 12 Mulheres e 1 cadela, As aventuras da Dona Redonda and O tio João (Vânia). In 2007 she finished a four year BA in Dance at Escola Superior de Dança, where she learned with Teresa Ranieri, Angelique Wilkie, Peter Michael Dietz, Amélia Bentes, Peter Mika, Olga Cobos, Annabelle Bonnéry, Antonio Carallo, Guillermo Weickert, Ilythyia de Lignière, Claire Pençak, Birte Lundwall, Pascale Mosselmans, Clara Andermatt, Teresa Lima, among others. In 2006 Joana joined the Austrian company Tanz Atelier Wien where she worked with Sebastian Prantl in Itinerário Divertimento and FC8º (2006). In 2007 she worked with Guillermo Weickert in Sempre que Pudermos and Teresa Ranieri in .


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