Dance projects

Choreography:  Poolovum
Johanne Timm (Germany)

We are all in a pool. Bubbeling thoughts to the membran. It is our home, maybe it is our body.  You tool your pool. The pool tools you. What is reaching to the outside space, outside your pool? Are we sitting in the same pool? Swap pools like your thoughts bubble.

Concept, Choreography and Dance: Johanne Timm
music composed by: Simão Costa

Choreography: digging a hole to the opposite side of the world
Joana Manaças (Portugal)

Same time different spaces. Same time different cities. same time different people same action. Same time different hours. Same space different places. Information from everywhere, all the time. What rests in the body? What ends up being common? In the end what really matters?
(What rests for you to see?)

At the moment I’m quite interested in the struggle, the generosity and the contradictions we performers can have on stage.

Concept, Choreography and Dance: Joana Manaças
Musik: Radio Channel, Lali Puna.

Choreography: Replacement - Game with a Dice
Philipp van der Heijden (Germany)

A room, a body and a dice are building the startingpoint for a playfull open composition. The player is following and using a system of rules that he developed. It’s based on the idea that the players has different bodyconstructions of his own body and he is able to deconstruct them live on stage. The dice decides…

Anybody can be anybody - The Diceman

Concept, Choreography, dance, music and Camera: Philipp van der Heijden
Music choices: BobbyMcFerrin, Nina Simone, Marlene Dietrich, Rebekah del Rio, Vladimir, Spivakov, Herman van Veen, etc.

Choreography: Forward
Dieter Defurne

A point in time where everything seems unthinkable. One movement which at first seems to restrictive. Situation and moment representing the same thing, which then developes into detail and possibility. Struggle, ignorance, acceptance and exploration, eventually moving forward.

Concept, Choreography and dance: Dieter Defurne
Music: Goldberg Variatie variatie 12 van Johann Sebastiann Bach, Red Field Akinori. Edited by Dieter Defurne

Thanks to: Vlaamse gemeenschap: Kunsten en Erfgoed, Rebecca Fokkema for keeping on pushing me forward and believing in me.

Choreography: Both Perhaps Present
Daisy Thompson

Informed by a previous creation, Both Perhaps Present explores systems within a choreographic context: working with the relationship between time, space and repetition of action/s. From the onset of the dbb project, I wanted to engage in a creative process that would challenge my ways of making and be informed by a rigorous & open-minded research. The journey took me to many vulnerable places but helped me to arrive at places of interest and eventually to the work in which I will present.

Thank you to Alex Achour for your professional approach and contributions throughout the process, and to Ian Garside for your generous support and wisdom.

Concept and Direction: Daisy Thompson
Movement devised and performance: Daisy Thompson & Alex Achour

Choreography: Play, Power, Pause & Forward
Verena Kutschera (Deutschland)

Wanting to be, something, strong
Feeling close and forced, order helpless habits
A physical machine, free will

The duet explores the will power within a relationship, pushing the boundaries of the two dancers to create a field of tension. Physical and emotional forces challenge their own numbness and helpless habits. The dancers play a game of resistance, escape and risk strategies. The energy of the piece is constantly shifting in space, through the attraction, rejection and collision through the dancers meeting bodies.

Choreography: Un air de famille
Alexander Achour

The piece focuses on two human beings trying to survive with their past and at the present. They have a complex connection with each other, which allows the piece to be rich in images, memories and rhythms. I tried to make their relationship emotionally subtle and dynamically dense. The words do not tell the story, they comment the image with a sensation. The music and the light give a feeling of time travelling or suspension. The dance talks and informs us about several episodes of a life.

Dancers: Alexander Achour, Joana Manaças
Music: La Zingara, Patrick Quichaud / The Trees they grow so high / L’arbre à cordes / Oï, Mame, Trio Azad
Text: excerpts from “The Cement Garden”, Ian Mc Ewan and Alex Achour.
Thanks to: Joana Manaças for her patience and sweat.

Choreography: Towards Stillness
Saffy Setohy

The choreographer is interested in the idea of transformation, on both an individual and global level. For this solo work, the concept of an ecosystem is used to create an installation context in which all the performance elements are made integral to, and can change, the behavior of one another. The movement language is created through use of environmental imagery and textural sensation as a stimulus. Together with soundscapes and live video, an immersive and ever shifting environment is created, as the performer changes from state to state. The audience is invited to step inside.

Choreography and Performance: Saffy Setohy
Sound and Video: Reynir Hutber

Thanks to: the Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship Fund, and Jules Deering for his technical support.

Choreography: Seven Skins
Rachel Birch-Lawson

Me being me watched by you being you. Exploring identify, self in relation to other, and reconciling oneself to one’s own way of being. ‘Only the eyes are left free to blink and water as they stare at a world they can’t make meaning of by themselves.’ (Maureen Duffy/Capital)

Choreography and Performance: Rachel Birch-Lawson
Sound Score: Jack James
Film: Rachel Birch-Lawson
Text read by: Rachel Birch-Lawson, Catherine Ayumi Humphris

Text excerpts from:
Margaret Atwood - The Blind Assassin
Homi Bhaba - Voices of the Crossing
Beverley Birch
Kate Birch - Londoners, Lonely and Otherwise: The Richness and Trauma of Changing Identities in Multicultural London.
Rachel Birch-Lawson
Maureen Duffy - Capital
T.S. Eliot - Little Gidding from Four Quartets
Maggie Gee - The White Family
Ted Hughes - Tales from Ovid
Aamer Hussein - Turquoise
Hanif Kureishi - The Buddha of Suburbia
Sam Selvon - Lonely Londoners

Many thanks to Jack for all his support and help.

Choreography: Reflections of a brown body about the snow-white mirror
Rita Omar

Reflections of a brown body about the snow white mirror talks about  a fairy tale of a body that is always looking and been looked.The beauty is reflected as a grotesque side of a mirror, were “icons” become bizarre pictures captured in chic frames. An obsessive search, in order to reach for the perfect image.The natural creator female body distorted through “fashion” poses. The fake image of a time that does not wants to stop. A personal reflection about beauty.

Where is the perfect reflection, the perfect attitude?

“I look in the mirror
What I see must be me…
My mirror it’s watching me
Trapped in the screen
Got to open this window and let the reality in…”
Posing as me - lyric- Umek

Concept, Choreography and Dance: Rita Omar
Music: Doris Day- “Que sera será”, Georg Friedrich Handel- Farinelli Il Castrato, Carlos Bika, Stilb
Lyrics: Umek, “posing as me”, Nina Simone “feeling good”
Video: Rupaul, “Looking good, feeling gourgeous”
, Roma - costo

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