The core of the educational program is a series of four residencies of two weeks each. The Residencies are hosted by in K3-Center for Choreography Hamburg, Escola Superior de Dance in Lisbon, London Metropolitan University - Performance as Research, and at the Retina Dance Company in Antwerp.

Each city partner will offer a different educational program formed by a spam of international guest artists and choreographers, giving the opportunity to the participants in order to develop a wild range of knowledge and awareness regarding the multiple creative processes, dance approaches and methodologies.

dance beyond borders offers:

- Training with professional teachers.
- Choreographic processes and dance methodologies to be shared with professional choreographers, visual artists, and others.
- To experience in such a short time four different dance schools, institutions and companies in Europe.
- The exchange of knowledge between young choreographers and professional artists.
- A view into different art forms.
- A mentoring that follows up each participant creative process.
-  Personal coaching the participants towards develop their artistic work - dance performance (solo or group), an installation, a lecture demonstration or a video work, etc.
- The opportunity to present the artistic work developed during the four residencies at the international dance festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg, 17th to 31st July 2009.

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