Hamburg residency: February 16-28, 2009

The residency in Hamburg is coordinated and mentored by Angela Guerreiro, hosted by DanceKiosk-Hamburg and takes place at the K3 - Centre for Choreography / Tanzplan Hamburg.

The residency in Hamburg is the first encounter between the participants and the departure point of the dance beyond borders project. These first two weeks are of major importance in order to create between the participants and the mentor a sense for trust and create a place for experimentation. In this first encounter it will be encouraged the sharing of knowledge in order to acknowledge each participants background, artistic interests and own perspectives for their professional carriers. Angela Guerreiro invites the freelanced film director, media artist and lecturer Lutz Gregor to share his knowledge on “Physical Cinema - dance for the camera” with the dance beyond borders participants.


During the first week it is asked to each participant to make an informal introduction about their previous artistic experience; they can present excerpts of previous works, make a power point presentation, show photos, video or DVD. It will be asked to the participants to talk about their ideas and visions regarding the project they would like to develop during dbb. The goal of a daily mentoring is to give space for exchanging matters related to the development of each participant daily work and the many possibilities the dbb project can give but as well to give it a certain shape and form. In that sense it is important to share daily information between the participants and their mentors in order to encourage and support each one of them in his or her individual work and follow up each project.
Angela Guerreiro uses in her warm up different movement sources from where she created her own technical approach. During her warm up she incorporates different movement concepts and theories related with release and awareness techniques as well as with healing practices. She develops a class that often starts with the process of walking leading into a whole fluent body movement material, her teaching can be addressed to highly skilled dancers but can as well be practiced by actors and performers. The class is very physical but focused on inner processes from where movement starts, instigating each dancer/performer to search for her/his individual movement style and characteristics.

Research, Methods of Improvisation, Choreography, Space and Light

During the two weeks of residency in Hamburg Angela Guerreiro will develop among the students the idea of desire. Developing different research methods connected to the field of improvisation techniques and movement research. Taking the departure point the idea of desire as something that it is present in our daily life since the moment we wake up to the moment of lying again in bed. Or going even more in our past, the movement of birth and the desire of leaving our mother’s womb. The desire of reaching out for the world around us, to taste, to crawl, to drink, to eat, to walk. The use of improvisation in a research process wherever if it is movement research or in another art form it will definitely help a performer/dancer to re-define his or her artistic style and to understand its sources. The work of Angela Guerreiro is mainly to support, advice and coach each participant in his or her research process and allow space for discussion regarding each project aim, idea, thought and concern. The participants will be encouraged to create movement scores, taking in consideration that the task is to focus on the creation process and not only in creating fast results.

Each participant should bring: a notice book - “the collector of ideas” - to be used for the next residencies. Also warm clothes and a small blanket.

Individual Artistic Research:

During these three hours of research each participant will develop his or her own ideas, self-trust and responsibility regarding their artistic work

Daily schedule

Mentoring: 10am - 11am
Warm-up: 11am - 12am
Research, Methods of Improvisation, Choreography, Space and Light: 12pm - 2pm
Break: 14pm - 15pm
Individual Artistic Research: 15pm - 18pm

Angela Guerreiro was born in Lisbon in 1965 and lives in Hamburg since 1994. She was trained in classical dance with Norma Croner under the system of the Royal Academy of Dance (1975-86) and studied at the Superior Dance School, Lisbon, (1986-89) and at the Center of New Dance Development, Arnhem (1989-91). From 1991-94 danced for the company RE.Al from João Fiadeiro and performed around the world. From 1995-2003 she created eight full-length pieces at Kampnagel, which have been invited to international dance- and theatre festivals. Aside from her own productions, Angela Guerreiro has worked for several dance, theater, and music productions, like Jochen Roller, Show Case Beat le Mot and Hajusum, and teaches and taught at several dance and theater schools e.g. for Actors School Frese, Klutz Schule, Universtity Hamburg - Performance Studies. Her last two solos exposure (2003), and MemoryPlay (2005), both had their premiere at the Hamburger Botschaft, Hamburg. In September 2005 she participated in the project Move The Mount, an interdisciplinary laboratory for choreographers from Germany and Poland, which allowed the creation of  The Veronika Blumstein Group, an international artists collective. She teaches in several dance and theater institutions in Hamburg. Her interest has shifted from the exclusivity of performance and choreography, to the production of dance festivals, and she has started her work as a curator with the project DanceKiosk-Hamburg, which had its first edition in 2005. In 2007 the Dancekiosk-Hamburg produced the first dance project for the DanceKiosk.Company, Die Kandidaten and the project DanceKiosk. Goes Island, a project by arts and credits supported by IBA Kunst & Kultur Sommer 2007 in Cooperation with DanceKiosk-Hamburg. She was board of directors of the umbrella association for Independent Theater in Hamburg, Dachverband Freier Theaterschaffender Hamburg e.V., from 2006 - 08. The performance VoteZombieAndyBeuys , created by Showcase Beat le Mot and Angela Guerreiro had its premiere in April 2008, at Kampnagel Hamburg. She develops the project Tracing Dance supported by the Goethe-Institute Nairobi and the Goethe-Institute Gebrekristos Desta Center Addis Ababa. At the moment Angela Guerreiro prepares the festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg for 2009, its 4th Edition and the pilot project dance beyond borders for trans-cultural dance education initiated by Sharing Arts e.V. and DanceKiosk-Hamburg Hamburg in collaboration with five European countries, funded by the European Cultural Commission.

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Lutz Gregor, born in Berlin 1952, is freelanced filmdirector, media artist, lecturer and lives in Köln, Germany. Since 1983 he established himself in the sphere of experimental documentaries and became later especially interested in the connection between film and dance. Several dance film productions have resulted from his own dance practice. His films include: Kontakt Triptychon (1992) - winner of a cinematography award at the Grand Prix Vidéo Dance Paris in 1992, Königskinder (2001), a full length feature film, screened at the Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken (2002) and awarded at the Festival International du Film Indépendant Brussels 2003 for his new cinematographic themes and language, Frankfurt Dance Cuts (2005), selected for ARTEs Festival Temps d’Images 2005 and shown at Villa Medici Rome. Collaborations in film projects, stage captations and live performances (electronic scenography) with Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanz Companie Rubato (Angelus Novus, 1991), Hush Hush Hush (2Pack), choreographers Rui Horta (Olgas Solo), Frederik Flamand (Silent Collisions, 2003), Vanessa LeMat of Ballett Frankfurt (Frankfurt Dance Cuts 2005) and Ismael Ivo (2005/07) among others. Recent works include the documentary series People in the Wind (2007, arte) and the Filmdance Installation Maps of Emotion (2007). As part of the Biennale di Venezia/Danza he created video installations for the project Choreographic Collisions, artistic direction by Ismael Ivo (2008). He teaches “Physical Cinema” in workshops at universities and art academies all over Europe, was guest professor for audiovisual design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, currently at Palucca Dance School (Dresden). Lutz Gregor is an associated teacher in the D.A.N.C.E Programme under the artistic direction of Frédéric Flamand, Wayne McGregor, Angelin Preljocaj and William Forsythe.

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