Anne-Careen Engel

Project management

Anne-Careen Engel carries a diploma in social sciences and has 20 years experience as an actress, maker of masks and figures, movement and voice teacher and performance-artist. She is founding member of the association “SharingArts”, who organized an international performance festival in Hamburg 2001 and is project leader of 2 international projects, which have been funded with the help of the European Union: „Sharing Movement” ( 2002) und „Movement in Unity and Creative Diversity” (2005). Art-direction for the “Congress of Prayer” in Hamburg 2005.

Angela Guerreiro

Artistic direction

Angela Guerreiro was born in Lisbon in 1965 and lives in Hamburg since 1994. She was trained in classical dance and studied at the Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon, and at the Center of New Dance Development, Arnheim. From 1994-2003 she created eight full-length pieces at Kampnagel, which have been invited to international dance- and theatre festivals. Her interest shifted from the exclusivity of performance and choreography, to the production of dance festivals, and she has started her work as a curator with the project DanceKiosk-Hamburg, which had its first edition in 2005. Goes Island, a project by arts and credits supported by IBA Kunst & Kultur Sommer 2007 in cooperation with DanceKiosk-Hamburg. She was board of directors of the umbrella association for Independet theater in Hamburg (Dachverband Freier Theaterschaffender Hamburg e.V.) from 2006-08. Her last two solos Exposure (2003), and MemoryPlay, a pirate copy (2005), had both their premiere at the Hamburger Botschaft, Hamburg. In September 2005 she participated in the project Move the Mount, an interdisciplinary laboratory for choreographers from Germany and Poland. The performance VoteZombiesAndyBeuys, created by Showcase Beat le Mot and Angela Guerreiro had its premiere in april 2008, at Kampnagel Hamburg. She teaches in several dance and theater institutions in Hamburg. At the moment, Angela Guerreiro develops the project Tracing Dance supported by the Goethe Institute Nairobi and the Goethe Institute Gebrekristos Desta Addis Abeba and  prepares the 4th edition of the festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2009.

Cecília Amado

Project assistant

Cecília Amado was born in Brazil, studied acting in Porto Alegre, São Paulo and New York, and did her M.A. in German Language and Literature at Hamburg University, Germany. Between 1990 and 2002 she acted in, and staged, several productions of her own company Teatro Imediato in Brazil and Germany. In the year 2000, she managed the press department of the Brazilian Academy of Literature (ABL), and since 2002 acts as spokeswoman for different theater and dance projects (DanceKiosk- Hamburg), exhibitions (Gropius Haus), and culture and theater festivals (Eigenarten, 150prozent made in Hamburg).
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