Thomas Kampe

He has worked with movement for more than 25 years. He worked as a performer, choreographer and director in Germany and Britain and currently works as a senior lecturer for dance at the London Metropolitan University. He has taught somatic approaches towards movement education mainly for performers in different settings around the world. He is a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method®, which forms a foundation for his research and teaching of dance and movement.

London Metropolitan University

 This institution offers an interdisciplinary 3 Year Performing Arts Programme (BA), along side with a BA (hons) in Theatre Studies. The dance provision at Londonmet is delivering a somatic and culturally diverse student centred curriculum responding to the growing diversity in student body.

The choreographic focus of the curriculum offers an education of the dancer as interdisciplinary dance maker. Students experience European, US based, and African contemporary dance techniques and approaches, supported by the study of cutting edge body-learning approaches such as Bartenieff Fundamentals or The Feldenkrais Method, thus bridging the gap between The Arts, Education and Health within a 21th century urban cultural context.

The Metropolitan University is currently developing a series of MA and Post Graduate courses in Performing Arts, including a Pg Diploma in Somatic Movement Practice.

In may 2008 the Metropolitan University organized “Moving into Health” a cross disciplinary symposium on the role of performance and movement in relation to health within the community.
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The Facility Performance as Research was created in 2005 response to London Metropolitan’s thriving Performing Arts/Theatre Studies department. It was and is staffed by a mixture of highly skilled and experienced theatre/dance academics and practitioners. These include choreographers, live art performance makers, directors, actors, dancers, and scenographers. Most of these members of staff continue to work in the professional theatre/dance field and are interested in developing research through performance. There are also many high profile performance practitioners associated with the University either as Visiting Lecturers, ex-students, research students, through the Professional Performance Programme or via the Graeae-Training for performers with disabilities residency.

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