The Project

dance beyond borders is a European pilot project for transcultural dancing education. Together with international institutions and dance schools in five European countries it offers ten young, upcoming dancers, dance-makers and choreographers from 5 European countries a program of extra-curricular studies - a ‘bridge’ before a master degree in dance - for emerging contemporary dancers and dance makers

dance beyond borders was initiated by SharingArts e.V. and DanceKiosk-Hamburg in cooperation with out-standing institutions, dance-schools and companies from five European Countries, who contribute with their knowledge, experience, their artistic views and inspirations and with their facilities.

The partner organizations are:

ArtEZ School of Dance, Arnheim, Netherlands
DanceKiosk-Hamburg, Germany
Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon, Portugal
London Metropolitan University, Performance as Research, UK
Retina Dance Company, Antwerp, Belgium

Educational program

dance beyond borders intends to explore conditions, methodologies and practicalities for a post graduate program on an international level, which should let the participants experience the living and working conditions of artists abroad, receive an individual mentoring by outstanding professional dance teachers, dive into an intense sharing-process with young artists from other cultures and build an effective network on a European level.

The core of dance beyond borders education program is composed of 4 Labs, 2 weeks each, hosted in each city partner and  1 week final mentoring.

Each residency which will include daily training in cutting edge contemporary dance approaches with professional teachers, workshops with dance makers, visual artists and musicians as well as mentoring, discussion, feedback, supervision and evaluation sessions.

A mentor will follow the participants throughout the project to support and encourage the participants to develop their awareness towards their physical landscape and their individual creative and artistic processes. Under a critical eye, a constant analysis and constant feedback the mentor roll is to support each young choreographer to create a performance work (e.g. - solo or group -, an installation, a lecture demonstration or a video work)

The results will be presented during the final symposium at the international dance festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg in summer 2009

dance beyond borders has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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